The Team

The hands on deck are the worthy ones

Tarch is a conglomerate of individuals coming together to make something larger than their sum total. We have on our advisory board, dignitaries from the corporate world, who provide us with the valuable guidance about the future of Recruitment and where do we fit in the larger picture.

Our India consulting team is managed by:

Tarun Chouhan
Principal Consultant

“I seek a way to determine the talent in the labor market and a means to help organizations find the relevance in that talent in achieving a future they dream of.. there is a supply of talent, and the demand of talent, a big one, can only be filled with a bridge like us… the puzzle of economy is the one of talent and finding a way of utilizing it ”

Alka Chouhan
Lead sourcing

“When it comes to sourcing, I always believe that there is a right fit candidate out there and I ensure that my team finds that candidate and other options alike. That too, in the shortest time possible. “