The Idea Behind

Tarch was envisioned with an antidote to the already commoditized global recruitment market which has seen little value addition by the recruiters and their organizations. While more and more recruitment firms continue to source and supply manpower based on vacancies enlisted by organizations, the talent partnering space is, well, jus t a space. Since the recruitment process is just a means of obtaining the right talent, and is only as good as the recruitment strategy, it is inevitable that we focus on that. The Tarch philosophy transcends from the ability to add value to our clients’ recruitment strategy rather than the process itself. This is incidental not only in us to be able to understand your recruitment needs but also brings to your avenue a host of recruiting experience coupled with world class client services.

Tarch was also conceived to be able to cater to the numerous talented individuals who seek guidance in thick and thin to elaborate their careers and cast away any bottlenecks. Tarch provides exclusive career services to these individuals enhancing their capabilities, career outreach and concurrently envisioning their future.