Talent Strategy

Being the backbone of the recruitment process of any organization, Talent strategy is competitive and dependent on the external and internal environment. There are hardly any indigenous Consulting firms who realize the importance or have the resources to complement their clients in their quest for talent.
At Tarch Consulting, we have divided the Talent Strategy into 3 vital parts:

Go to Market

We assist our clients in forming a go-to-market strategy in terms of Talent. As part of this process, we evaluate the existing recruitment needs of the organization and analyze the existing channels of sourcing along with the selection process. We also device a mechanism to assess the prevailing market conditions and suggest the best possible option to compliment the marketing strategy of the organization in the new geography, market or segment. That too without existing the quarterly and annual budgets for the same.

We at Tarch Consulting also assist our clients in devising an entire framework of vendors based on the overall client strategy for talent. We have an excellent reporting process which, if implemented, results in real time headcount for the management along with existing and proposed requirements with budget figures.

New avenues strategy

In a quest for slightly larger organizations where their overall recruitment strategy is already defined, we offer our new avenues consulting services. New avenues looks at your existing talent strategy and comes up with new channels of recruitment. We at Tarch Consulting also provide our clients with the correct sourcing mix at various levels like campus relations, vendor assisted and online recruitment modules.

This service is basically a consultative one with the job analysis and relevance as input and a multi channel orchestrated sourcing and recruitment setup for your organization. It also includes a employee branding assessment and rollout exercise, just to ensure a running supply of top cadre talent from all avenues.

Quality/ Scale Up

Often organizations are faced with a quality dilemma rather than quantity and the emphasis shifts from numbers to ‘relevant’ numbers. Our Quality Services are just the right kind for a scenario like this. When organizations decide to scale up or improve the quality of their talent, they need some specific attention towards the existing employees and a bridging element for the new better quality incoming talent.

As part of this service, the entire recruitment setup undergoes a revamp and adheres to finding only the best quality talent and retaining the same. Even more importantly, the recruitment strategy has to be robust enough to attract that caliber of talent. This all has to be done under a competitive setup with cut throat competition and even specific legal obligations.