We at Tarch Consulting have, based on nature of talent being sought, have internally classified our Solutions for better alignment to customer requirements. We envision setting up fully functional verticals under the following sections in the near future. We understand that different kind of talent calls for different measures of handling the same.

Tarch Royale

Talent hiring practices

Thanks to the evolution of the extensive education systems globally, we have been blessed with the predictive layers of classifications of Talent in the form of relative Business Schools & Academic institutions ratings. Owing to the stringent entry norms, the best of the talent gets skimmed through these Ivy League of institutions and the alumni of these institutions are as meritorious as it gets. More so, due to their well connected alumni Teams, these candidates are the most sought after.

We at Tarch Consulting, have identified these institutions globally and are specialized in sourcing alumni from these institutes. Due to the premium nature of the candidates involved, we have set up processes to inculcate professional hiring solutions for this category of Talent. Tarch Royale takes institute specific hiring to a whole new level and empowers our clients’ in their quest for the best talent in the industry.

Top Institutes Alumni database

We boast of a close knit network with professionals from the top institutes internationally and have hence been able to assemble this entire information into an extensive database. This database provides for the prime solution for our clients’ requirements. The data base has sections related to institute wise candidate list along with their entire work related history, projects handled, career preferences and more so their feedback from previous employers, peers and other stakeholders. We are also in the process of identifying a competency based framework for these candidates and would be very soon ready to integrate your organization’s competency based framework with our database for quicker and more accurate recruitment services across the specialist positions.

Salary trends

Due to the huge demand supply gap for talented and highly educated & performing candidates, the market dynamics usually respond by a premium on the salary range organizations pay for these individuals. We understand your requirement to understand the recruiting cost of these individuals and have embedded our services with the most relevant and updated salary trends for the crème de la crème of the labor market. This input comes to you along with the candidate details and a lookup about the salary details of her batch mates in similar profiles across the industry. While this information coincides with your organization’s compensation process, it makes for a much more informed hiring decision, especially financially.

Privilege hiring facilities

The candidates from the top Business Schools and other academic institutions are used to a certain professional treatment when it comes to recruitment services like periodic updates, background recall and more so timely and direct feedback from prospective employers. These candidates are also very particular about the organizations they chose to work with as they see every employer to be contributing to their learning curve while providing for a challenging and collaborative work environment. This calls for employer branding and its impact on attracting such candidates. While we are committed to providing you with solutions, we deem a recruitment firm to be the fittest part of the employer branding chain. Ideally a recruitment firm should be able to literally sell the vacancy to the candidates and make them realize the challenge and the natural career progression.