Tarch Cliché

Apart from the critical and specialist roles, most roles in an organization are repetitive and need experienced professionals at just the right cost to ensure a mix of highly talented along with highly operational fleet of professionals. We have devised our solutions into two sections for such kind of hires.

Value Based Hiring

We understand strategic importance of having talented professionals with an exceptional ROI which minimal costs and maximum returns. This notonly determines an organization’s financial prowess in the market but also helps organizations remain lean through thick and thin. To cater to this requirement we offer value based hiring solutions to for hiring high value low cost talent from the best sources in the market.

We also understand the number of transactions hiring of this section of the talent pool increases on your in house recruitment team. Hence all our value based hiring solutions come with the least bureaucratic processes that still have ample checks and balances to avert any chances of error while recruiting. Since, most of this cost is fixed in nature, we provide our customers with the option to choose a fixed rate comprehensive plan as opposed to a per candidate cost plan leaving ample space for negotiations for our customers.

Walk-Ins / Campus Processes

Since a large part of the Tarch Cliché roles would be elementary in nature, it makes much more sense to hire recent graduates and train them over a period of time. This benefits us financially as well as consumes much lesser time as compared to hiring individuals.

We at Tarch Consulting have an extensive network of professional connections with institutes in the field of technical, commerce, science, and arts education and can provide on demand Campus processes to flash hire students in bulk. Of course we also provide assistance to our clients, from planning to, creatinga campus calendar for various kinds of profile requirements.

Even when the target sourcing platform is not from campuses but from the market itself and still the kind of requirement is generic in nature, we provide Walk-in solutions for clients. We have created processes which create the maximum impact from a walk in process enabling a smooth process and ultimately sourcing a large number of relevant candidates.