At Tarch Consulting we believe, that if strategy is the planning part, sourcing is the first part of execution. We boast of the best talent in the industry as part of our team to deliver sourcing for you. Unlike our competition, our Sourcing executives are sharp and shoot trained to hunt for the rarest of rare profiles and do so while delivering on time and profitability.

Our varied sourcing mix not only is world class but also highly exclusive. We source from multiple channels like Career websites, Social networking behemoths and ofcourse our own deep rooted referral network. As part of our talent partnering strategy, we’d even be glad to find suitable vendors for your out of reach recruitment needs. After all, it has always been about the customer!

Our sourcing is also highly efficient because of the ability of our sourcing executives to understand the criticality and intricacies of the vacancies they source for. Their understanding of the domains as such apart from the sector specific recruitment process makes them the best in the industry. Since Talent requirements and processes differ hugely across the nature of roles, we at Tarch Consulting have considered the following classifications for sourcing services:

Mass Lineup

As per the client’s requirement, our executives at Tarch Consulting, provides mass lineup facilities for bulk or organization wide roles. We conduct mass recruitment events for our clients and with powerful marketing tactics are able to attract a large number of applicants in a very short amount of time.

We at Tarch consulting believe in the power and cost effectiveness of scale and have devised excellent processes right from the planning to the final selection of candidates at the venue of the mass hiring event. We are also committed to a fast and comfortable recruitment process not only for our clients but more importantly for the candidates as well.


Our Clients have varied requirements and the most critical ones are the specialist positions where sourcing is very different from a mass lineup. We at Tarch Consulting understand this and are equipped to handle the headhunting requirements with the utmost care and responsibility. Our networking capabilities far surpass the nature of headhunting assignment. Such headhunting assignments are conducted in a confidential manner or publicly depending on the clients’ choice. We also provide targeted hiring services for some of the segments we work in.