As an extension of our Sourcing services, Tarch consulting provides with the most comprehensive tools for candidate selections. These tools are both scientific and process oriented meaning that they are not dependent on the persons administering them. And as tools for section techniques they go far from being just paperwork and add real decision enabling value. Our selection services are broadly into two frames:


Assessment of an individual for a particular job can be concluded with assessing organizational adaptability, technical competence and behavioral feasibility. At Tarch Consulting, we assess these three parameters using a number of personality profiling techniques. These techniques can either be suggested ater thorough study by our Team or can be directly administered by us in case that technique is already a part of the client’s recruitment process. These assessment tools though licensed are still time and cost effective in deciding on a candidate’s predictive behavior at work.


At Tarch Consulting, we also save our Customers with the hassle of going through assessment tools in the first place. We have taken the age old referral techniques and made it into a process oriented service in which we use our existing network for finding out relevant behavioral traits about the candidate from his peers and bosses.

At Tarch Consulting we also assist our clients in devising comprehensive employee referral programs with laid down processes covering all aspects of a employee referral program including its integration with the ERP. These referral programs are a cost effective means of your talent process especially when your employee base is substantial enough to generate enough volumes of leads. A referred candidate can be given additional weightage in terms of the selection process.