When it comes to Leadership hiring, Tarch Consulting does it all. We have devised state of the art mechanisms to identify, track, connect and propose to the best of the leadershiop talent in the sectors that we are present in. We also happen to be well networked to find the candidates who are not present on any of the job boards and negotitate a prospect with them.


Unlike the traditional headhunting techniques, we at Tarch Consulting deploy a scientific method of attaching a certain probability to the candidates and their career. This results in us providing our clients with a bigger picture of the available options along with in depth analysis of each and every profile for the leadership role. As for every leadership role, it isn’t just about the candidate’s qualifications or reputation. More so the candidate’s character has to be reinforced and evaluated before making the hiring decision.

Confidential mandates

More often than not the leadership positions in any organization cannot be made public. While there are strategic reasons for the same, the implications are binding. The confidentiality not only raises anxiousness on the candidate’s part and may result in a divulgingbehavior; it is also one of the toughest hiring decisions. Our clients place immense trust in our abilities as recruiters while sharing their most intrinsic and pressing vacancies. We at Tarch have always lived by the ethos of a client’s privacy and confidentiality agreements and of course consider it to be our topmost professional duty.

Competition mapping

Ever organization, since playing out in a competitive market, has to play by some rules when it comes to talent. There are non poaching agreements and what not. The only solution to hiring targeted candidates is to request the assistance of processional recruiters. While this may sound like ‘the’ solution, it has obvious pitfalls. We at Tarch Consulting, have a pre defined format for mapping the competition of our clients not for recruitment purposes but for competitor intelligence purposes only. Such intelligence is crucial when assessing the depth your competition brings to the market and how prepared you are in a strategic sense to tackle the same.

Our competition mapping services come with a standard target option for you to emphasize on a particular sector or group of organizations along with detailed and concentrated information related to the talent standing of a particular organization.