“the horse is always way costlier than the jockey”. An organization is the sum to total of the people in it and the collective role of people far outreaches the roles played by effective management and leadership. As ‘doers’ your managers’ assistants are the real force in your organization and since each and every one of them counts, it makes sense to be selective. The entry level execution related tasks in your organization need just the right balance of cost effective and trainable candidates with just the right attitude to act as assistants.

Many organizations undermine themselves by underestimating the collective reasoning and capabilities of their organization’s assistants and mostly fail due to that. We at Tarch Consulting, provide our clients with the most ambitious, energetic and educated sources of candidates to choose from for their organizations. Our Assistant hiring services include the grades of Assistant Managers, Associates, Executives and support staff. We also help our clients identify the correct vendors for their housekeeping requirements as well. After all, it all counts!